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"To our missing images"

is a project of portraits and body photographs.

In an area where the image of bodies is standardized, retouched, ... I want to give back to the body what is human. The ambition of this project is to look at ourselves differently and with kindness.

The body has no standard and the anatomy is not intended to be molded by society.

Because all bodies are beautiful in their unities.


The sessions are open to everyone.

It is a time to love and restore confidence. The shootings take place at your place if it is possible, otherwise we see on a case-by-case basis.

Posing naked is absolutely not compulsory, the most important thing is to be comfortable.


On the big day, we start by having tea together to discuss, get to know each other and gain confidence. This exchange is important so that we are in perfect agreement on the rest of the session and so that I can guide you throughout what you like.


No photos will be returned uncalibrated and I do not do any retouching on the body, that goes without saying.

The photos should not be retouched or cropped.

My first and last name must be mentioned on each publication.

I only post the photos on Instagram and on my site with your permission.


I propose a formula of 1h30,

for 200 €.

I deliver as many photos as I like, with a minimum of 12 photos.

This formula is completely adaptable, whether you want a shorter or longer session or ask several people, just tell me about it during our discussion.


For more info, contact me via the "about me" tab or by email:

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